Rural Electric Cooperative


Imagine the ease you'll enjoy when planning your budget without worrying about drastic changes in your bill, even in the very cold of winter or hot months of summer. When levelizing the amount over the year, you pay for slightly more power than is actually used during milder weather. During the winter and summer months you pay for slightly less power than you are using.

It's a FREE service and here's how it works. Each month, CBEC will average your actual billing for the current month with the previous 11 months. Your bill will vary slightly from month to month, but this rolling average evens out extreme highs and lows.

You'll continue to receive a monthly bill. The bill will show your kilowatt-hour consumption and the levelized bill amount that is due. It must be paid just the same as a regular bill on or before the late payment date.

Balance out your life or at least one small part of it by signing up for levelized payments today. Simply click on the link below, fill out the attached form and return it with your electric service payment, or call us at 800-760-2232. To qualify for this service you must meet the following requirements.

The Cooperative reserves the right to remove any account from the plan that does not pay the amount due on or before the late payment penalty application date. Levelized bill payments are determined for your particular residence and are not transferable. When service is terminated at one location, we close the levelized bill account and render a final bill.


Available to Residential and Seasonal Residential accounts ONLY.

Levelized Billing Levelized Billing (221 KB)