Rural Electric Cooperative


With the ever-increasing price of goods and services in our economy, your Cooperative is not immune to these increases that are then passed along to you, our member/owners. To determine your total electric bill there are several elements, but the two most key elements are the kWh usage that you are billed for each month and the cents per kWh that applies to your usage.

The management of the Cooperative can assure you that we are trying to do everything possible to keep our cost as low as possible, although we can only directly control about 40 percent of our total cost. We feel that consumers should know how to possibly save themselves some money by understanding their usage and how they can be more efficient with their electric usage.

This is why the Cooperative is offering a free energy audit service for our member/ owners.We have a person on staff that will be available to set up appointments during regular business hours to meet with consumers at their residences. During these appointments, the Cooperative personnel will be able to offer suggestions about what consumers can do to reduce their usage.

During the audit, the Cooperative personnel will do a walk-through of the residence to help understand the specific characteristics of the dwelling so that we can tailor the discussion for your specific situation. For more information or to schedule an energy audit, contact Sheila Switzer at (540) 864-5121, extension 121.