Rural Electric Cooperative

Co-Op Announces an Increase in Electric Rates for Virginia Members


Effective with the bill received on or after Aug. 1, 2015, current rates will be in effect for Virginia members that will INCREASE your monthly bill. The increase in rates is due to an increase in the base rates the cooperative pays for purchased power.

Below is a calculation of a residential bill using 1,000 kWh under the current rates and the new rates.
Current Rates New Rates
Consumer Delivery Charge 23.00      23.00
Purchased Power Demand 30.62     30.62
Purchased Power Energy 42.03     46.26
Distribution Demand 47.27     47.27

Total     $142.92 $147.15

Based on the above calculation the net result is an increase of $4.23. The increase in rates reflects a direct increase in the cost of the power we purchase on the members behalf from our suppliers, Dominion Virginia Power and AEP.